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Covid-19 Updates:

As of September 13th, 2021: Bali has been chosen to host the G20 Summit in November 2022. As a result, significant restrictions are in place in Bali until the summit. It is expected that Bali will only reopen its borders after the summit. Based on these and other factors, we set a time window for Droidcon Bali to be 2023 (Updated 13.09.2021).

Please visit this page once a while to check for updates.




Estimate: around June – August 2022


Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia: The Island of the Gods


droidcon Bali

droidcon Bali is where the industry’s leading Android experts converge to support the Android platform and create a strong network for developers and companies. This year will feature:
  • 40+ technical Android talks
  • Workshops & codelabs
  • Best-in-class speakers from Android teams in Berlin, Europe and worldwide
We are looking forward to talks on (but not limited to) these topics;:
  • What’s New in Android
  • Jetpack Compose
  • Jetpack / Architecture Components
  • Architecture
  • Advanced Kotlin
  • Testing
  • Infrastructure, CI/CD
  • Cross/Multi-platform Development
  • AI/ML
  • UI/UX/Design
  • Career & levelling up & skill focussed talks
  • Core Skills
  • Case Studies / Research
  • Open Source

Call for Speakers

Please submit for a Session (40 min), Lightning Talk (20 min) or Workshop (80 min)

Please adhere to the following guidelines when submitting your talk to droidcon Bali 2022. We cannot guarantee that if you follow these suggestions that your talk will be accepted, but you will have a much better chance:

1. Please ensure that your talk title and description match and that the title accurately reflects your topic

We all love a cute and catchy talk title with a nice play on words, but the program committee (and attendees for that matter) should be able to tell at a glance what topic your session will cover. We also ask that you be aware of our code of conduct when choosing your title. 

2. Define key takeaways and learning points

You will help the committee select your topic if you can explain what you hope audience members will learn. Please try and include three to five key points that make your talk stand out from others. (This is important because we often receive 4-5 submissions on the same topic.) The more concrete (and relevant) these learning points are to the audience/conference, the better.

3. What is your experience level with the topic?

You don’t have to be a level 12 Black Belt in Kotlin to get your talk accepted. The committee does, however, need to know what your experience level with the topics is. Is the app or technology you are working being deployed at scale? Is it a hobby or a side-project? What are your real-world experiences with the topic?

4. Have you given this talk before?

Please let us know if (and where) you have given this talk before. How was the talk received? How has it changed from the past? What new information can we expect?

5. Keywords

We have included a pre-defined list of keywords in the CFP tool. If none of them fit, please include a list of relevant keywords in your talk submission text. This will help us find your talk using a search tool when we are looking for a particular topic or technology.

Video Release Policy

All sessions will be recorded and shared on the droidcon global community platform at Video links will be sharable. We will integrate the transcripts of the videos so that these will be searchable on the community platform. Anyone can access the videos for free. By submitting your session over Sessionize you are agreeing to have us record your session and publish it on the global community platform. 


  • Full day of Android Enterprise talks and workshops
  • 2 days of talks, workshops, codelabs and sponsor exhibitions from the top teams in android
  • 1 Community Interactive Day
  • VIP Party for speakers and sponsors
  • General Party for all attendees.
The conference will address the full range of issues and technical updates around topics like core Android development, Advanced Kotlin, AI/ML, Android Design, Android Q, AR, Architecture, Career Development, Case Studies, Core Skills, Dependency Injection, Jetpack, Modularization, Multiplatform Development, Testing and Continuous Integration.

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GLOBAL Sponsors


Here is just a quick sampling of a few companies that regularly send their developer teams to attend droidcon Berlin…

FTI Touristik / eBay Kleinanzeigen / Microsoft / N26 / Novoda / AVM GmbH / Deutsche Telekom IT GmbH / Huawei / / Flixbus / Mozilla / Capgemini / Focus Online Group GmbH / Here Technologies / Immobilienscout24 GmbH / SAP / Check24 Vergleichsportal Finanzen GmbH / GfK SE / idealo internet GmbH / Fraunhofer-Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure Systems IVI / Ryanair / Nokia / Dyson / Spotify / Daimler TSS GmbH / Deutsche Post E-Post Development GmbH / Samsung / DB Systel GmbH / Twitter / Delivery Hero AG / Zattoo Deutschland GmbH / Mercedes-Benz iO GmbH / Amazon / Zalando / Jochen Schweizer Technology Solutions GmbH / REWE Systems GmbH / HelloFresh SE / Lidl Digital International / Allianz Technology IBM / AOK Systems GmbH / Deutsche Bahn / Bosch Softtec GmbH / OUTFITTERY GmbH / maxdome GmbH / T-Systems Multimedia Solutions / Welt SPRING KG / Cisco Systems, Inc. / Sony Mobile / ING-DiBa AG / Deutsche Welle / Airbnb / SoundCloud / Amazon Appstore / Zebra Technologies / Oracle / YouTube / Google / Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR) / Bosch Software Innovations GmbH / Thalia Bücher GmbH / GitLab etc.

Official Droidcon Bali Call for Speaker team


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